Tealeaf – Your Digital Detective
for User Behavior

Eliminate Obstacles that Block Successful Conversions or Transactions on your Website & Optimize your Customer Experience Efforts with Greater Speed and Precision

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Tealeaf by Acoustic is a digital customer experience analytics (CXA) solution that goes beyond surface level web analytics, to provide next-level views of the customer experience to deliver actionable insights. These real-time digital experience insights answer specific customer behavior questions, which help prioritize customer experience efforts with more speed and accuracy.

Know where to
look for customer
Get timely alerts on
impactful issues
Reduce call-
handling times
Monitor fraud in
real time
Monitor vendor
Get actionable insights
for data-driven
Quantify decision
impacts to determine
Find and fix problems
easily quickly &
Optimize insightful
messaging with A/B
Add context to
enhance survey

Uncover Behind-the-Scenes Insights and Optimize Customer Experience


Discover Missed Revenue Opportunities


Key Features of Tealeaf:

Struggle detection

Identify customer struggles, quantify impact, and set priorities across web and mobile

Codeless rule engine

Define rules used to analyze data in real-time, giving you insight without writing additional code

Heat & attention maps

Understand user intention with attention maps; optimize design and usability with powerful visual representations of customer experience

Anomaly detection

Swiftly identify failures with an understanding of the top contributing factors

Form field analytics

Understand where each customer is struggling and refine the experience to prevent customer churn

Session search & replay

Identify events that highlight specific customer experiences and see what your customers see on their devices and each action they took

Regulatory compliance

Identify sensitive data and keep it out of the cloud

Data storage

Retain the data you need, in the format you need it, for as long as you need it and easily export as required

Voice of the Customer (VOC) & Offline Integration

Integrate data with call center and support teams, enabling swift resolution and de-escalation of calls

Case Study


A leading global multinational toy retailer proactively eliminates customer struggles and dramatically improves online conversions


Comsense has played a pivotal role in our CRM, e-Commerce, and digital transformation initiatives, leveraging their forte in AI, ML, Data, and Advanced Analytics. For Adidas, the consumer is at the heart of our strategy - right from making the product, to selling it, to how we interact & how we “connect” with the consumers matters most to us. This, the Comsense team understood very well and partnered with us to deliver a truly personalized & insights-driven omnichannel customer experience using innovative cross-industry use cases.

Abhishek SinhaAdidas IN - Head CRM & Membership - Emerging Markets

The Comsense Team have been a pleasure to work with, nothing is ever too much and together both our Teams have come up with solutions when challenges are faced. The Comsense team’s passion for data is evident in the insight and analysis shared. Having these insights is so important as it allows a business to make the right decisions based off the data provided.

Broghan RossAdidas SA - Manager Digital Activations Ecommerce, CRM & Membership

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