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Eyeing Cross-Sector Real-World Resolutions

Technology innovation in itself isn’t fruitful unless its gains are mapped across industries to realize diverse outcomes. From applications of CDP platforms to increase marketing traction to data-driven intelligent forecasting and more – we focus on transcending advances to outcomes to RoI for diverse industries. Explore how we realize this through real-world instances.

Industries Served

Fruits Of Tech-Innovation – Forged For Following Sectors

Industries Served

The retail and e-commerce sector has moved beyond brick and mortar to digital, with the industry landscape becoming increasingly competitive. Today, getting a bespoke eCommerce portal is a glass half full as data-led intelligent cataloging, planning the promotions, and automating communications is the need of the hour. And all of this need to be backed by a unified customer view for insightful decisions. Comsense is here to ease this journey – from setup to customer insights to automated and personalized outreach.

Sector-specific Highlights

Customer Experience

Customer Data Platform for a single view of customers

Marketing Automation for streamlined campaign management and personalization

Dedicated eCommerce portal development service for new entrants

Predictive Analytics for insights into customer actions and SKU behavior

Data Science and ML modeling support to improve the accuracy of insights

The post-pandemic world of healthcare has seen an increasing number of new entrants in health tech, technology, and payer services, besides existing providers innovating new applications. With massive investments into digital health, AI, data platforms, and associated technologies, the industry stakeholders are looking forward to onboarding capable partners to consult and engineer digital-first outcomes.

Sector-specific Highlights

Omnichannel Experience support for improved payer-patient data sharing and communications

Personalized multi-level campaigns based on advanced patient profiling through CDP

Martech solutions to automate patient interactions and care coordination

Engineering support for agile heath tech solution development, supported with benchmarked test engineering

AI-driven business intelligence for predicting customer behavior and better CX

Digitization has brought forward a new paradigm of financial practices, banking processes, and architectures. Executives are seeking newer and innovative means to empower corporate and retail customers with data, tools, and personalized insights to optimally map their financial and investment journeys. In addition, toolsets, solutions, automation, data aggregation, and analytics – everything needs to adhere to banking compliances and regulations.

Sector-specific Highlights

Integrated closed-loop martech campaigns and workflow management for financial services

Converging disparate data silos for insurance providers for unified customer databases

Marketing automation and personalization to speed up insurance renewal processes

Digitization solution development supported with application migration and management on cloud

Automating customer onboarding journeys in banking, insurance, and capital market services

Globally, public agencies across developing nations are increasingly embracing digitization to transform legacy systems, processes, and government programs. From the adoption of smart infrastructure to secured and cleansed digital recording to database warehousing and maintenance – government concerns need an expert collaborator. Here, Comsense’s flexible engagements have helped them to accelerate their digitization across multiple departments.

Sector-specific Highlights

Data lake and warehouse setup for government agencies to secure and efficiently store their database

Data engineering services to support maintenance, unification, and sanitization of database

Smart infrastructure and system modernization through application modernization and engineering support

Implementing CDP to unify citizen records of different government agencies

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