Martech Consulting

Towards Optimum Utilization Of Martech Prowess & Augmented CX


Mapping The Right Martech Prints On A Customer-centric Landscape

Almost every business today have multiple Martech solutions and strategy to reach out and seamlessly connect with customers. But is the martech ecosystem foolproof? Are organizations optimally leveraging their entire Martech stack? We help answer these questions and point the way to reap the optimal CX across all Martech initiatives.

Our consulting exercise is placed on understanding and SME of working on data-driven Martech consulting assignments. Under this program, we evaluate the current Martech landscape, enable orchestrated experiences across channels, and ensure they deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Focus Areas In Consulting

Audit & assessment of the current Martech landscape – tech stack

Detailed competitor analysis with an outside-in perspective

Due diligence of Martech solutions – architecture, integrations, module adoption, and reporting

Audit of campaign tools, integrations, and module adoption, along with usage of DAM

Macro & micro-segments for personalization, campaigns, content, engagement

Evaluating existing privacy, preference, consent parameters & regulatory compliance, and IAM

AI/Ml Sets Us Apart When It’s About Consulting

The pace and degree of hyper-personalizing martech outcomes don’t just depend on AI but the usage of the right AI/ML models. We help clients by identifying the right tools and platforms to approach ML model building – specific to their marketing efforts. Our experts go the extra mile to support how analytics solutions can be integrated and optimally leveraged with MarTech engines.

Key Activities In The MarTech Program

Data-driven Deliverables – Differentiating The Outcomes

Gap analysis & findings report

Crawl-Walk-Run plan

Outside-in analysis report

Maturity model mapping

Achieve The Optimum RoI From Your Martech Engine