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Cleansing Customer Database To Streamline Channel Marketing

Bulletproofing email delivery to the desired prospect’s inbox is an important task. No email campaign should go to the wrong audience and your domain/IP from being blacklisted by most email service providers. Simultaneously, this ensures better chances of your promotional emails landing in your customers’ inboxes.

Kleanmail – our flagship email validation solution ensures that emails are sent only to the right contacts. It seamlessly validates single or bulk email addresses and keeps your email list clean – at an unmatched speed and time.

Kleanmail Explained

Kleanmail is a cloud-based email validation tool that helps cleanse your customer database, driving up your open rates and ROI with 98%+ accurate email validation, AI-driven email scoring, and powerful deliverability tools. Technology enables its capability to differentiate valid and invalid email IDs, ensuring the right contacts are addressed – every time.




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Renewal Rate

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Key Features

Configured To Protect Your Mails From Roots

Whatever The App, Kleanmail Integrates Seamless

Integrating Kleanmail into your application is simple and painless and helps you reap the true fruits of your marketing efforts.

Our Pricing Plan

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2K - 15K$0.0055
15K - 80K$0.0049
80K - 100K$0.0041
100K - 500K$0.0032
500K - 1M$0.0019
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Validate 500 Email Addresses Free Of Cost