A Seamless Paradigm Of Collaborative Customer Experiences



Driving Consistent Channel Experiences On Automation, Analytics, And

Today, 80% of consumers leverage multiple channels in their buying journey. Yet, multi-channel marketing to engage separately across channels doesn’t meet customer expectations. Not only do brands need to craft a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience, but they need to take it a step ahead – leveraging data to contextualize and personalize experience delivery.

Our team leverages Data and AI to develop a forensic understanding of consumer persona and preferences, channeling customer-centric decisions. The outcome is contextualized and seamless omnichannel operations for united conversations and improved CX.

Avenues To Channelize Omnichannel Ops

AI to analyze voluminous datasets across multiple marketing channels, understand customer persona, and predict customer actions.

Data-driven personalized content recommendations to match customer expectations and bring delight.

User research and experience design-driven meaningful interactions across the entire buyer journey to maintain and improve CX.

Areas Of Expertise

Towards Contextualized Omnichannel CX On Customer Understanding

Marketing automation expertise and supported technology stack that enables

  •  Integration with CRM, CMS, and Analytics tools
  • IP Warmup
  • List building & Segmentation
  • Campaign Run & Goal tracking
  • Revenue Performance Management
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Performance and Operational Dashboard

Diverse insights to provide a complete view of customer experience data

  • Perspective of customer persona
  • KPI deviation alerts
  • Highlights customer roadblocks and channel issues
  • Quantifying customer impact on channel actions
  • Issue resolution with time saved on search
  • Data-driven insights on the customer journey

Content management focus to drive better personalization

  • Omnichannel CMS integration support
  • Focus on Headless CMS to optimize and publish the same content
  • Personalization of content for better engagements
  • AI-driven content management

Scope Of Our Service


Driving engagement at customer interaction points through campaign automation and contextualized customer experiences on capable Martech platforms for personalization and RoI.

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Customer Experience

We leverage cutting-edge technology, driven by powerful tools of Acoustic Tealeaf and Glassbox to unlock valuable insights into customer behavior. This approach involves the recording and replaying of online customer sessions and thus enhancing the CX by gaining a deep understanding of how customers interact with digital platforms.

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Multiple touchpoints across marketing channels often involve a company’s partner network. We define and ensure experience standards, based on client brand and SLAs.

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Personalize A Perfect CX Across A Seamless Omnichannel Journey