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Embracing Failure to Becoming Successful

By October 14, 2022March 17th, 2023No Comments

“Failure is not the opposite of success, but a part of success.” – Arianna Huffington.

While failure can be discouraging and may lead us to question our abilities, it in fact gives us an opportunity to reconsider our approach or look for alternative ways of achieving our goals.

Meet Sagar Babar, the CEO of Comsense Technologies, who always believed in himself and understood the true meaning of success. Despite initial failures, he wasn’t stymied by it, nor did he consider failure as something negative or undesirable but rather embraced it as an essential component of the process that took him closer to success.

Growing up in a small town, Sagar went through struggles academically but found success when it came down to innovation – both on campus and off. He also published a handful books for the University of Pune.

Shortly thereafter, a girl came into his life, and this changed him completely. Smitten by the love bug, Sagar had a renewed perception towards life, with Sarika as his firm anchor. With her unconditional love and families’ support, Sagar set out to reach the stars.

While managing his role as a white collared employee, Sagar simultaneously began his entrepreneurial journey by investing in a small garment shop in Pune. Although this venture didn’t last long, he learnt that nobody except for oneself should be relied on for running a business and that, earning more money cannot be the only motive of business; an underlying passion is equally important to be successful. He also indicates that job and business are mutually exclusive and that one needs to choose from either of them.

Having received exciting job opportunities from top-notch companies, Sagar relocated abroad. However, the entrepreneur within him wouldn’t let him settle for a ‘job’ and with a firm resolution, Sagar left behind his dream life and returned to India after a decade.

Deeply committed to education, which he considers fundamental to children’s growth & development and having struggled as a student himself, Sagar was certain that the education system needs to be improved. Thus, initially he established a teacher’s training institute and now he runs one of the best schools in Pune – Clara Global School, which is truly child-centric in its approach as it hones skills for future success among students from all walks of life.

After his multi-industry stints, Sagar finally decided to leverage his IT knowledge for his own business. Thus, was born Comsense Technologies, one of the Great Places to Work, where the team members not only prosper professionally but also achieve work-life harmony. Sagar believes it is their moral imperative to foster happiness and fulfilment in the workplace and that work should be fun.

What started off as a small setup, notwithstanding numerous obstacles and sleepless nights, Sagar now runs a scalable, robust business and finds solace in his business partners, who have been instrumental throughout his journey and are also the strong pillars of Comsense Technologies.

When asked about the qualities that he feels are crucial for business, he indicates determination, perseverance, the ability to bounce back and rise like a phoenix, believing in oneself and never giving up on one’s dreams, but to pursue them vehemently.

Talking about his success mantra, Sagar says he always asked for help; he was neither scared nor embarrassed when he was seeking assistance, but at the same time he also ensured that he helped the ones in need. The very fact that his team members are taking charge of their lives and following their ambitions gives him immense pleasure and satisfaction. A man of gratitude, Sagar believes He has blessed him abundantly.

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