Data Migration

Setting The Course Of Your BI Migration Journey


From IT-Led Reporting to Business-Led Self-Service Analytics

To enable a data-driven culture, it’s important to shift from existing legacy reporting systems to advanced BI solutions. Every business thinks of data migration to address this need, enabling a fast, secure, and error-free shift that helps realize self-service insights on a modernized BI solution for faster data-driven decision making. However, not every migration is fruitful, with an under-planned lift-and-shift disrupting the business and compromising data security.

With over two decades of modernizing enterprise BI systems, we have never limited a client to a single BI tool or vendor. As a leader in business intelligence solutions, we create a tailor-made migration plan that fits your unique business needs. We empower this plan with capable tools and automate the migration roadmap, ensuring speed and security end-to-end.

Migration Approach

Proven Steps To Accelerate Your BI Modernization

At Comsense, our goal is to help you leverage the right technologies that fit your exact budget, customer expectations, and business needs. When migrating from legacy to modern BI, Comsense employs a rapid approach to designing and accelerating the migration process. Our toolkit is powered by proven IPs, accelerators, and frameworks that are designed to drive migrations of multiple datasets simultaneously.

The Extra Mile We Deliver Optimizing BI Migration

Making A Difference

Aligning Migration And ROI Roadmap

Our assessment takes about four weeks to complete, ending with complete buy-in from all stakeholders. In the modernization process, we identify and reduce duplication and redundancy besides bringing clarity to all reporting assets. The outcome is improved governance while helping achieve optimal ROI. Our experts drill down to provide in-depth knowledge into your current and future-state architectures, differentiating into three major focus areas.

Total Cost of Ownership

Leveraging automation to create an inventory of the existing solution, and preparing solution-wise total cost of ownership through our product evaluation framework.

Create a Migration Roadmap

Identifying the dependencies, roadblocks, and business logic to develop a migration roadmap that’s aligned with your analytics strategy.

Proof of Concept

Leveraging automation (wherever possible) to validate the migration effort and subsequently finalize a platform that matches the enterprise use case.

Benefits In This Journey Of Seamless Migration

Accelerate BI Modernization With Comsense On The Throttle