Customer Experience

Client Interaction Based Digital Insights For Channel Success

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Cohesive CX Efforts – Accurate and Accelerated

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, customer struggles are abundant, spanning across multiple channels and compounded by shifting preferences. Unfortunately, traditional data visualization and web analytics tools often fall short in capturing real-time insights into customer behavior, hindering campaign outreach. Thus, a data analytics solution that can swiftly understand and analyze customer behavior becomes imperative.

Our solution, powered by Acoustic Tealeaf and Glassbox, bridges the gap in recording and analyzing online customer sessions. It captures all interactions, delivering actionable insights, and empowers businesses to enhance the customer journey, thereby boosting campaign ROI from martech efforts.

Mapping Our CX Maturity Into Service Avenues


Bringing intelligence-driven decisions into the sales cycle to reduce the cost of prospecting and customer acquisition.

Customer Service

Service Consistent service experience across all customer touchpoints based on predictive behavior modeling.

Holistic Omnichannel

Holistic Omnichannel Converging omnichannel insights to improve channel actions, ensuring better service delivery.



Empowering teams to focus beyond acquisition, to customer retention backed on proactive insights.

Technical Specifications

Bespoke Framework To Functions

Where We Differentiate CX

Deeper insights into the reasons for a buyer action in the customer journey

Understanding customer insights from their perspective for better channel actions

Real-time alerts against deviations in customer behavior pattern

Ability to prioritize channel and customer experience issues for immediate intervention

The platform ensures no interaction is left untraced and un-assessed for a holistic picture

Helping identify customer struggle of form completion based on struggle analytics to reduce drop off rates and increase conversions

Benefits Of The Solution

Real-time visibility of buyer struggles across the marketing channels

Quick fix of customer challenges ensure reduced costs of omnichannel campaign management

Better customer traction, engagement, experience, and retention

Infuse Digital Insights To Catalyze Customer Experiences