Charting The Waypoints To Redefined Customer Experiences


A Journey To Outline CX
And A Lasting Impact

From your website to e-mails and conversation with prospects and clients – every piece of interaction can make or break customer experiences. However, to map efficient CX, it’s important to start at the roots of your customer interaction and aligned communication. Our consulting capability helps enterprises and mid-sized businesses rightsize it all.

Consulting expertise enables us to connect the dots between datapoints on customer interaction and martech strategy. We tye it all together with a design thinking led approach that puts the end-user first for meaningful customer expereinces.

The Value We Create

Comsense is at the forefront of cross-industry understanding, experience, and subject matter expertise in working on AI & ML data-driven MartTech consulting. Converging it all, our expertise reflects across Data Sources, Analytics, CRM, CDP, Segmentation Engines, CMS, DAM, and Data visualization solutions, creating significant value.

A Structured Consulting Approach

Expectation Setting

Kickstarting with a foundation workshop to understand customer expectations.

Documentation & User Discussion

Outlining business goals, converging data points, and conducting stakeholder interviews to understand the current state.

Due Diligence

Audit framework setup and detailed assessment to understand process and business gaps and identify problems.


Architecting strategic and process-specific roadmaps to address business problems and achive desired goals.


Mapping the necessary technology integrations as per requirements and supporting adoption strategies.


Chalking everything under a comprehensive crawl-walk-run plan, supporting with use cases and milestones.

Scope Of Our Service

Martech Consulting

Proven data-driven Martech consulting advisory leveraging a scoring methodology, frameworks, models, KPI & use case libraries.

CDP-Ready Consulting

Evaluating an organization’s maturity and CDP readiness and a roadmap to implement a business-specific customer data platform.

Let’s Define The Footsteps To Bespoke Customer Experiences