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Is your enterprise able to leverage the abundant customer data and integrate it into your strategies successfully?
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47%  Marketers feel their data is siloed and difficult to access
20% of them don’t have the know-how to extract insights from data
12% Marketers feel there is too much scattered data

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers a solution to transcend the challenges posed by data silos, facilitating the seamless consolidation and refinement of data, eventually leading to the extraction of relevant and actionable insights

Comsense CDP Features

  • By creating and maintaining a single, unified database of customer profiles, each with a consistent identifier, Comsense CDP provides a single view of every customer and a reliable source of data for various marketing functions.
  • It connects with other marketing platforms and systems, providing data to support campaign management, marketing analysis, and business intelligence.
  • The analysis of this data can even suggest the optimum next move the company should make to engage or retain a customer.

Data Ingestion

Identity Resolution

Realtime Segmentation

Data Processing

Lead Scoring

Improve CLV

Hallmarks of Comsense CDP

How Comsense CDP Shapes Personalized Customer Journeys

Top 3 Use Cases of harnessing CDP for Business Success

Single View of Customer

Case Studies

The 2nd largest sportswear company in the world improves wallet share per customer by 4% within 3 months post Comsense’s CDP implementation


Enabling Malaysia’s leading airline to take off their digital transformation journey with CDP


The largest fashion retail brand of the UK improves wallet share per customer by 13% in less than 3 months with data-driven approach


Echoes of Satisfaction

Comsense has played a pivotal role in our CRM, e-Commerce and digital transformation initiatives, leveraging their forte in AI, ML, Data, and Advanced Analytics. For Adidas, the consumer is at the heart of our strategy - right from making the product, to selling it, to how we interact & how we “connect” with the consumers matters most to us. This, the Comsense team understood very well and partnered with us to deliver a truly personalized & insights-driven omni-channel customer experience using innovative cross-industry use cases.

Abhishek SinhaAdidas - Head CRM & Membership (Emerging Markets)

What I've really loved about Comsense team is the fact that I’ve never heard a ‘no’ from them. They go to all extents & work very hard to deliver projects on time. Comsense has distinguished themselves with their phenomenal attitude & passion for our brand.

Pankaj KapoorMarks & Spencer - Head of Marketing


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