CDP Readiness Assessment

Are you evaluating a CDP purchase and feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options? Are you questioning whether your business is truly CDP-ready? Or perhaps you’ve already invested in a CDP and aren’t seeing the results you expected.

Our 3-week assessment program will remove the guesswork and help you make a confident, informed decision about your CDP investment.

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Why is this crucial?

Organizational readiness was the most common problem listed by members with a deployed CDP, cited by 25%

(source CDP Institute User Survey)

This is often because they embark on a CDP journey without answering critical questions such as:

  • What is your organization's level of digital/data maturity?
  • What specific use cases are you aiming to solve?
  • What ROI can you expect?
  • What type of CDP is best suited for your business?
  • Do you actually need a CDP in the first place?

This is where we come in!

Our 3-week in-depth analysis will assess your organization’s preparedness for a CDP

Our tailored evaluation will:

  • Understand your organizational alignment and Martech stack
  • Evaluate your data strategy, storage, use cases, and change management
  • Review your current security, infrastructure, and governance readiness
  • Provide recommendations and a solution roadmap
  • Build an ROI-driven business case

We deliver a detailed audit report that outlines recommended strategies and a clear roadmap to ensure a successful and efficient CDP implementation

How will this Benefit me?

  • Expert Assessment: Our experts will evaluate your business, tech stack and goals to determine if a CDP is the right solution for you.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Get a detailed report outlining recommended strategies and a clear roadmap for a successful implementation tailored to your business needs.

  • Quick Assessment: Experience a 3-week pilot to evaluate your readiness and understand the tangible benefits a CDP can bring.

  • Derisk Investment: Make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes, ensuring your CDP investment delivers the results you expect.

What You Will Gain from This Assessment

Solution Architecture Aligned to Your Martech Stack

A comprehensive solution architecture tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing technology.

Detailed Findings and Recommendations

Insightful analysis and actionable recommendations to address your unique business needs.

CDP Maturity Mapping and Guidance

An evaluation of your current CDP maturity level with clear recommendations for advancement.

CDP Implementation Plan and Timelines

A strategic roadmap detailing the steps and timelines for a successful CDP implementation.

Build, Buy, or Enhance Guidance

Expert advice on whether to build, buy, or enhance your CDP based on your specific requirements and goals.

The Process we Follow:

We follow a 3-step approach to CDP readiness evaluation which is completed in 3-week duration. We consider 50+ evaluation dimensions to understand client readiness and help in prioritization, expectation setting, and acceptance criterion.

Deep dive analysis to drive insights and identify potential opportunity areas

CX Channel assessment

Digital Maturity Assessment

CX Assessment Mobile App

Deliverables & Recommendation

Deep dive into existing stack aligned with industry best practices and focus areas

Existing Martech

Data ecosystem

Need & focus areas

Key Journeys and MVP

Recap and present the outcomes derived based on the detailed assessments

3-week Status report

Key Journeys and MVP

Schema & Cohorts

Value drivers

Take the Next Step with Confidence

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