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One Platform For All Your MarTech Needs

In the digital landscape, ‘Moments of Truth’ from the customer’s perspective is about receiving personalized communications, in real-time, and meeting up to their expectations. However, identifying these moments while managing volumes of data from multiple channels, vendors, and campaigns isn’t an easy feat.

Marketers need to understand today’s customers to predict their actions tomorrow. Online behavior tracking, data unification, and real-time data analysis are the avenues for this, but it’s a unified data-driven platform that makes a real impact in this process. Here, CDP is the perfect-fit solution, offering a single view of customers.

Understanding CDP

CDP is a unified Customer Data Platform powered by IBM’s CP4D to enable marketers to understand their customers like never before. The solution cleanses, segments, and integrates disparate data sources and marketing touchpoints, building a comprehensive and complete view of each customer. This data can then be operationalized to personalize campaigns and significantly improve CX in cross-channel interactions.

The platform captures and unifies first-part customer data, breaking the silos for a complete picture

CDP synthesizes data for detecting traits and mapping customer intent to help personalize channel communications

Focuses on activation of customer accounts, leveraging several tools and channels for outbound campaigns

Platform Actions

Focus Areas Where CDP Improves Marketing Automation

Customer Data Consolidation

Integrating all customer data from all sources

Single View of Customer (SVOC)

Building a 360-degree view of a single customer

Predictive Modelling & Segmentation

Running predictive models on SVOC segments to uncover next-best actions

Role-based Real-time Dashboards

Dashboards for intelligent decision making in real-time

Technology Powering The Platform


Private Cloud Solution At The Heart Of CPD

The foundation of the Comsense Customer Data Platform is architected on IBM’s Cloud Pak For Data (CP4D) – a private cloud cluster enabling clients to leverage data optimally and efficiently. The solution offers secured data access, analytics, and governance – allowing us to ensure you find data fast and work on it faster.

How’s CP4D Relevant To Comsense

CP4D features include the ability to ingest data at scale and the ability to create a 360-degree customer view

It aids in the creation of a data fabric that connects siloed data scattered throughout a hybrid cloud landscape

Streamlines data preparation, model creation, and feature engineering automation

Allows to build models faster, deploy them faster, and make AI more accessible

Explore CDP In Real-World Applications

Learn how top retail brands are seeing an uplift in the revenues to the tune of 35%

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