Analytics & Visualization

Value From Data Through Different Perspectives

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Get Better Answers Questioning Your Data

Trying to comprehend complex data sets is an uphill task for decision-makers, and data visualization is the answer for seeking more out of data. However, the steps from selecting the right visualization tool to optimal usage and report monitoring can sound easier than in actual.

The team at Comsense ensures that you are set with the apt solutions, knowledge, and KPIs to optimally navigate through your data. We devote due time to diligently identifying the aim and priorities and empowering your people with consulting and required support services.

Analytics & Visualization Services

Optimize data extraction, classification, automation, and factoring of Business Intelligence solution existing or being implemented

Services and support around embedded analytics, searched based analytics, streaming analytics, augmented analytics

Upgrade data visualization at different architectural layers Including data sources, data models, dashboards around trends, forecasts, KPI for CXOs

How We Operationalize Visualization

Collecting data
Cleaning data
Data advisory
Data preparation
Data visualization

Extended Support

Easing Visualization With Ad-hoc Effort

Intuitive Dashboards

We design and deliver intuitive and interactive dashboards that let stakeholders consume data, in a user-friendly and seamless manner. We support this with periodical assessments of the dashboard’s performance.

Visualization Reporting

Detailed reporting of visualized charts and data, spotting patterns, comparing data across various parameters, etc. – besides feedback system to understand how visualization can be improved further.


Dedicated training programs to educate your teams on BI solutions that are integrated into enterprise systems and the visualization modules within. This is purposed to ease user adoption and optimal usage.

Differentiating Visualization To Value

Benefits Of Advanced Visualization

We empower you to decipher large data sets, execute ad-hoc analysis, and uncover hidden insights in your data.

We improve the overall speed and accuracy of your data-driven decisions such as planning product releases, improving the performance of all departments, mapping sales/inventory, etc.

We better your understanding of business functions, the expenses and profitability of various departments, and their alignment to high-level business goals.

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