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A Day in the Life of Vrushali

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My day begins with a quarter of an hour left for digits in my mobile to show 6.00 ‘am’ and a scoop full of sleep left before I declare to the day here I ‘am’. Just as I fiddle with the phone to find snooze button to my alarm, Tulip, my 4 year old German Shepherd ensures that I wind up my bedsheets and leftover sleep as she jumps into the bed.

I love my coffee dark. The whiff and flavors of crushed beans pep my system up for my morning yoga and workout routine.

I must admit that selecting the right business attire for the day, may at times, get a little hectic. Particularly so, when I also am keen on the fragrances I wear to work.

Morning wishes to my family are a daily ritual. Business leaders, motivational gurus, spiritual masters give me company in voice as I get ready and on my way to work. This routine has however been skewed for the past few months due to the Covid19 pandemic-induced lockdown, resulting in work from home.

I get to my workstation by 9.30 am or earlier. With a mental call out to deities on my desk, the system is powered up. Inbox is scanned to check any alterations to the day’s schedule.

Post some strategic engagements, I dive into my favorite part of the job, exploring and expanding possibilities. Most of my days have back to back meetings and calls lined up till early afternoon. Engaging with market leaders is a rewarding experience and most of the times a symbiotic one; yielding insights, partnerships and above all sustainable relationships.

Around 1.00 pm, after a time span of over 16 hours (yes I follow intermittent fasting), I relish the deliciously cooked homemade meal in the company of wonderful colleagues and co-founders. The pantry table registers only one designation – “Foodie”.

At Comsense, the leadership team takes pride in mentoring employees and encouraging performance and work-life balance, both. Appreciation and self motivation is the culture across our cubicles. Learning is an enabler for efficient execution of every role and the opportunities are embedded along the way in every process of Comsense.

Work days always culminate with that subtle sense of wanting a little more. And this reflects in the quality, both for us and our esteemed partners and clients.

Back home, I call it a day around 10 at night. Conversations, food and cuddling with Tulip would generally qualify my evening to be routine.

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