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A Day in the Life of Vidyaranya

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I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. – Maya Angelou

A day in the Life of Vidyaranya:

My day begins at 6 AM with a hot refreshing Tea followed by body stretching exercises. I have my breakfast at 8.30 Am before leaving to office. Every day I go to the office by walk which is also a part of my morning exercise.

As a Start-up, we have a very healthy and cheerful environment, and this culture keeps us exciting every day.

9 AM – 7 PM 

– My work starts with a To-Do list for the day which helps me remember and prioritize the tasks. Before we begin with our daily tasks, we have a stand-up meeting to keep track of on-going activities. Then I start with my work which includes communicating with clients, identifying their pain points, and taking steps accordingly.

1 PM

 – I have lunch with my teammates. “A team who sits together eats together”. Post lunch, it is time to enjoy some fun activities like playing carom, office cricket, chess, and puzzles which keep us energetic and active for the afternoon session.

7.30 PM 

– Time to go home by walk as a part of my evening exercise.

9 PM 

– Chef mode on, time to cook for dinner. I live with my friends/colleagues in a shared apartment and we cook by ourselves.

10.30 PM 

– Time to sleep, Good Night!! 

Work Profile:

I am a Marketing Technologist and Digital Marketer Capable and Skilled in executing marketing campaigns across several channels.

A memory about Comsense worth keeping lifelong:

There are a lot of good memories that I’ll cherish throughout my life. A trip to Lonavala resort & Night camping at Pawana Lake will always be the best moments with Comsense that are worth keeping lifelong.

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