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A Day in the Life of Vaishnavi Patki

By April 17, 2020March 23rd, 2023No Comments

The first step towards your career is always important. Everybody is concerned at the start of their career. But I am happy that I have started my career with “Comsense”. This is my lifes first job so I was so excited. I still remember my interview day in Comsense. From that day I wanted to join and work with this brilliant team of Comsense. I have cleared my interview and joined Comsense as a Marketing Technologist from July 2019.

Now, when I started working with Comsense my life took a new turn. My routine became like:

I wake up at 7:00 am, make some healthy breakfast and tiffin for myself then I leave for the office. After reaching the office I have my cup of coffee and discuss with my teammates about today’s tasks. Then I write down all tasks priority wise in a diary so that it will be easier for me to track my daily work throughout the day.

After the first half, we all enjoy our lunch together. We share food and compliments it too. Then we have our game time. This is one of the favorite times of everybody. Because who doesn’t like to play? Everybody likes it so, we enjoy our game time and play carom, cricket, puzzles. And then we return to our work. After completing my all tasks, I return to my place in the evening.

Also, every weekend we plan for outdoor games like cricket, badminton, football, etc. This helps everybody to stay fit and active.

Once I reach my home, I call my parents and tell them how my day was and so they share them too. Then I make dinner then I spend some time on the internet.

About Yourself:

I like to increase my knowledge and skills so that I can grow at a professional and personal level.

A memory about Comsense worth keeping lifelong

Most importantly, here I feel like my second home. There are a lot of good memories that I’ll cherish throughout my life. It’s hard to talk about only one. But I collected most of the good memories at trekking, trips to Lonavala & Pawana Lake Camping.

One thing you want to change in this world

I feel like Every Human should be treated equally, no matter what gender they are. Humans should respect each other.

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