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A Day in the Life of Sumedh Pawaskar

By September 28, 2021February 3rd, 2023No Comments

About Myself

I am working with Comsense since February 2018 and performing various Managerial roles such as Admin, Operations, IT, HR & Recruitment Head. Having almost 15+ years of IT experience as lead & Project Manager, I am also working as Project Co-Ordinator for one of the major clients in the field of MarTech arena.

On a personal front, I am a hardcore Trekker, passionate Photographer, Cricket enthusiast, gardener, and love to experiment in the kitchen.

I am a big fan of Bollywood icon Madhuri Dixit & Madhubala and I love to listen all Kishor Kumar & 90’s songs.

A memory about Comsense

OH…Frankly it’s a very tough task because I have so many amazing & unforgettable memories of last 4 years in Comsense.

but one memory is close to my heart about my teammates.

As an Operations, IT & Admin Head it’s my duty to make all the necessary arrangements for all the employees so that they can deliver quality project work smoothly. But one day I overwhelmed by the words of new joiners, who personally came to me and gave me Big Thanks, for my efforts, for the kind of hospitality I provided to them on their 1st day in Comsense. (On that day after joining Comsense they were so happy to see their Names on Welcome Board and received the welcome kit such as Laptop, Bag, company T-shirt, Diary, Pen, coffee Mug etc. and company sponsored lunch as well.)

It was a big encouragement for me to keep providing best services to all my colleagues.

About My Routine

Pre pandemic routine was very much well balanced and set because of clock based activities like getting early in the morning, quick workout, refreshment, getting ready for office & heading to office etc…

So, I used to get up early in the morning at around 6:30 am and after quick workout session & breakfast, I used to reach office at sharp 9:30 daily.

After so many years of experience in various organizations, now I have a habit of preparing & prioritizing TO DO list before start of any work. This way I can focus on highest priority tasks in first half of the day and less priority tasks in second half of the day.

Also, I believe that we are more productive during morning 9 to 12 timeframe because we are more focused & our energy levels are also high, so I hardly take any breaks during this time frame. And as a Non-smoking person I don’t need any such small breaks either.

My most enjoyable time during the day is the lunch time because of various factors, as you interact more with your office mates, you share your experiences, fun moments, and most importantly we enjoy variety of food from everybody’s tiffin together. You get to taste so many food varieties from different food cultures.

Post lunch, sometimes we play games like cricket, carrom or chess for half an hour to avoid drowsiness and can get back to work with refreshed mindset.

In 2nd half of the day wrapping all the action items from TO DO list before COB is equally important. So again, I worked almost 4-5 hrs non-stop with small 2-minute breaks after every half an hour to give some rest to my back, eyes, fingers, and mind.    

Back to home at around 7-7:30 pm, and it’s time for me to get myself updated with latest news around the world along with one cup of tea and then make dinner for me and my son (whenever wife is out of station) or helping wife in kitchen area whenever possible.

And as quoted by great Charlie Chaplin ‘A Day without laughter is a day wasted’, so I enjoy Marathi comedy TV shows during dinner time without fail for daily dose of laughter.

Post dinner, small walk with Wife & son is a must before going for a bed so that we all can share our day-to-day experiences with each other. 

But since last 1 year my above routine went for a toss due to this Pandemic and Work from home culture. Frankly I do not like WFH culture because we Indians are very much social animal, and we love to mix-up with our friends and colleagues.

During this period all my activities got shuffled due to this WFH scenario. My wake-up time has changed, workout time has shifted to evening, late breakfast result in late lunch and many other things etc… But some good things also happened due to this WFH scenario such as now I can take care of my family & parents during my work time as well. I can take small breaks and can have quick walk in my garden or can click some photos of nature, birds, flowers etc. 

As per my favourite quote from Shawshank Redemption movie: ’Hope is a good thing, May the Best of the things & no good thing ever dies’ I am hoping that we all will come out of this unimagined calamity, and everything will be back on new old ‘Normal’. I am hoping that whenever I step out of my home, I can see smiling faces of every human being (without mask).

One thing you want to change in this world

As there is a nature’s rule of ‘Change is the only constant’, hence change is a must. But It’s difficult to list just one change so I want to change all those things which will help save our planet and make everybody a better place to live.

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