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A Day in the Life of Shraddha

By May 18, 2020May 30th, 2023No Comments

About myself:

Hi everyone, to start with, I am working with Comsense as a Marketing Technologist, and its been almost about a year now. Within no time, I have made so many good friends and memories here. Comsense is like a family where we celebrate all the joys together.

My Daily Routine:

Urgh! I hate mornings …truly, this is how my day begins

But, the thought of a big mug of tea makes me get going

After getting ready, I cook my lunch and breakfast. Finishing my breakfast, I leave for the office.

Greeting everybody and exchanging a few jokes, we begin our day. I start by checking my e-mails and noting down the to-do list for the day and then prioritizing the tasks based on the urgency. We do have an internal discussion regarding our tasks and then everyone gets busy with their own work.

The clock strikes 1 and we all suddenly feel hungry Comsense, being more like a family, we all sit together for the lunch. Exchanging our food and thoughts, we have our lunch. After lunch, we play a few games like carrom, quizzes, cricket in the office itself for about 15 – 20 minutes or sometimes have a walk. The best part here is that the whole Comsense family eats together and plays together. Not only do we team up while playing games, but everyone here is so supportive that all help each other in their project-related work.

Going back to work again, everyone gets busy. I enjoy my tea break at around 4 pm. Completing all the tasks listed, we all are done for the day in the office and leave for home. There are some days when no one wishes to leave home early as we are busy playing some games like carrom, dumb charades, etc. Reaching home, I cook my dinner. Discussing how the day was, I have dinner with my family. After dinner, I have a walk or watch some videos, or I play random games on my phone 😛 Once in a while I do read novels too. That is the week-day routine of my life, the weekends being lazier, of course!

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