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A day in the Life of Bhakti

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A day in the Life of Bhakti :

“Not every day is the same, each day brings a new adventure” Yes, some days are boring but some are really exciting, depends on the memories we create. Life doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be enjoyable.

My Morning Routine :

I begin my day with some exercise. Then I help my mom in cooking and tell her about the previous day which I spend in the office and then I leave to start a new day in the office

My Office Routine :

After reaching the office I greet everyone with a smiling face. I enjoy working with these guys as each and everyone has a sporting spirit.

Then I start my day with a “To-do – list”. I assign priorities to my tasks. As we are visually oriented humans it’s very important to keep your goals in front of your eyes. Also, we can track where we have reached.

Then I start with my work which includes communicating with clients, identifying their pain points and taking steps accordingly.

After the first half, I have lunch with my teammates. We all enjoy communicating with each other and also discussing and planning on our next extra mile to be covered.

After lunch, we enjoy some fun activities like playing badminton, chess, puzzles, and carom. It’s a really fun activity which we practice each and every day. “Our body is a temple which should be worshiped every day”.

“Whatever you do in your life, always keep your fire alive” is the best quote which I follow every day at work.

I also have group discussions with my team on actions and goals to be achieved and on how we can achieve our level best and be successful. One thing I love about our team is they take each and every problem as a challenge and this team spirit can even move mountains.

Some fun group activities are arranged in my office after completing the work. These include karaoke, Pictionary, DumbCharades and Treasure Hunt. These activities lift out team spirit as everyone participates with enthusiasm.

My Evening Routine:

After reaching home I spent some quality time with my family. I and my younger brother have our dinner with mom, we spend time watching daily TV serials.

Then I chat with my friends and check my emails. Overall a day filled with new challenges and opportunities.

Work Profile:

I am a Marketing Technologist Capable and Skilled in executing marketing campaigns across several channels.

I am capable of applying the best practices.

About Yourself:

I describe myself as a person with a can-do attitude. People with a sporting spirit inspire me a lot. A creative and responsible person suits me the best.

A memory about Comsense worth keeping lifelong:

The trip to Nagaon Beach and Girivan are of the most memorable days which will be with me for a lifetime.

One thing you want to change in this world:

I consider myself as the luckiest person to work here as everyone from higher authorities to employees everyone practice EMPATHY. And it’s the most important culture to be practiced

One thing that nobody knows about you at Comsense:

I am the most talkative person you will ever meet. People here know me as the silent girl. But it’s a rumor.

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