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Nurturing Tomorrow In Our Core

The passion for Entrepreneurship is embedded in the soul of Comsense. We believe that ‘Born an entrepreneurs’ is just a myth and entrepreneurs can be nurtured through experiential learning in real-life situations. To this end, our Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) build tomorrow’s leaders over a period of 24 months.

Three key tenets of the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)

  • Developing Entrepreneurship as a Professional Experiment with Co-founders as Mentors
  • Entrepreneurship skills training: Leadership, Idea generation & execution
  • Untraditional Learning Path – an unusual way of teaching/learning new things by doing it yourself and with your team
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Business Unit Heads

Budding Entrepreneurs of our ED Program

Altaf Mulla

Head of Product

Altaf comes with more than 18 years of experience across various domains and tech-driven organizations. He has been a part of Comsense in some way or form from its inception. With him officially onboarded a couple of years back, he has been instrumental in the company’s growth with the experience that he brings in. He is currently managing all the larger cross-country programs across 20+ countries all the while keeping the clients happy. With his key competencies like strategy, delivery management and people management and more importantly, his non-aversion to getting his hands dirty, he has been able to carve out a space for himself in the company. Going forward, as Head of Products, he will be responsible for productization of the company’s existing solutions, by tackling some of the challenges that these inherit. He is known for not being easily perturbed or disheartened and his smile and happy attitude has always been infectious and brings happiness and contentment to the teams and clients that he works with. No doubt, making him one of the favourites among the team.

Sushant Pingale

Head of Product

A veteran at Comsense, Sushant is the one on whom most of us rely for efficient solutions. A marketing technologist, DLT Integration Specialist and an experienced Analyst, he has a keen eye for gap analysis and providing relevant solutions and products. He has a special focus on efficiency improvement products and is the brain and muscle behind Comsense’s leading product ‘KleanMail’. Sushant believes that the world can witness development much faster if everyone participated in efficient knowledge sharing which he himself practices much. He is also one of the key members of the CSR committee at Comsense and in his personal life, a major contributor to social causes.

Omkar Dhapte

Head of Engineering Services

Omkar believes in hard work and perseverance and has his entire career focussed on product development and engineering services. He enables Integration between systems and platform building and providing engineering services across all verticals of the organization. He is tech geek who is familiar as well as an expert with most of the latest technologies. He continually works at upgrading his skill set to be able to adapt to the ever-evolving technology ecosystem. He has a strong focus on Software development, Application Building, Database Design, and Solution Architecture. He also focusses on selling the Comsense’s Engineering Services as an independent offering to the market.

Vishnu Kamath

Head of Business - Data and BI

In a short span of 2.5 years with Comsense, Vishnu has grown from our senior data Scientist to the Head of Business for Data and BI vertical. He has a Master’s Degree in Big Data from Stirling University, UK and is a core data enthusiast who aims to extract maximum value from available data sets. He has worn multiple hats like Data Scientist, Analyst, Project Manager, and Techno sales specialist at Comsense and in his previous organizations. He is hands-on with the latest technologies like Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He helps our clients make powerful decisions by assisting them with deeper data driven business insights.

Karan Mudliar

Head of Business – Marketing Technology

Karan loves to create and implement Use Cases for business profits for our clients. He is a phenomenal performer who has spent most of his career at Comsense and thus deeply understands the MarTech business domain, data science, and integration. He is a MarTech Consultant and focusses on the B2B market. His business acumen has helped Comsense grow in various industries like BFSI, retail, e-commerce, Healthcare and Media. Karan is our inhouse Sports star who is always up for a good game of cricket or football. He pushes most of us towards sports and fitness because he believes that it is only in a healthy body that a healthy mind can reside. Karan is amongst the very few people at Comsense who have been awarded the Employee of the quarter on multiple occasions. Due to his deep association with the company, he is a true reflection of the culture and persona of Comsense Technologies.

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Spotlight On Our Associates

Management is very encouraging and open to listening to feedback and/or trying new approaches. They are in a relentless pursuit of excellence and advancement of not just the company, but employees also. There is a culture of professionalism, camaraderie, and tolerance for mistakes. The best part is employees are never treated differently even after they resign and are given a warm farewell. I feel very much valued here and I look forward to coming to the office every day.

Comsense does not micro-manage and trusts every employee with the tasks they have been assigned. Employees get a fair chance to share their ideas and thoughts. The managers and executives are also very understanding and co-operative.

Comsense provides a great work life balance. In my earlier job, we had long working hours and almost 7 days of work week. But at Comsense, I find a lot of breathing space, the work pressure is manageable, and vacations are without any interruptions from the team.

We work like a family & one team, rather than a company. We are personally connected with most of the people in the organization and we laugh a lot whenever we assemble. Our team get-togethers are memorable, much like the college days. Most of the people here are self-driven and completely down to earth and humble. We have been having loads of fun while we all grew with this company together.

Yes, the work culture is amazing. Being a fresher, everyone wants a friendly work culture and finest colleagues in the organization, which I think is the best here. Comsense is just like family. Though there are challenges, we deal with it in our own enjoyable ways. I like the way management encourages everyone to think out of the box in solving problems.

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